Women in Pharmacy Leadership Program

Women in Pharmacy Leadership Program

We created the Women in Pharmacy Leadership Program to build leadership capacity and empower women in pharmacy to achieve their full potential. Our unique award-winning program provides career growth opportunities for Waterloo Pharmacy alumni, helping build on both their educational foundation and their real-world experience in the workforce.

The Women in Pharmacy Leadership Program is the proud recipient of the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) - 2023 Silver Prix d’Excellence award for Best Alumni Initiative.

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I’m not leading a team, I’m not a CEO, manager or director of a large company. This thought process almost held me back from applying to the program. I needed to reframe my own thoughts on what it means to be a leader and innovator in the pharmacy profession.


You can’t be it if you can’t see it. In pharmacy we need to start seeing women as leaders so that future generations of women in pharmacy can also see themselves as leaders.

Kelly Grindrod, professor

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When an opportunity comes knocking, whether she accepts the opportunity or not, I hope she will do so for all the right reasons and that gender will never be a factor in holding her back.

Barbara Prime, 2022 mentor

Allison Tario

About our team

The WIPL program is led by Waterloo Pharmacy adjunct clinical assistant professor Allison Tario and supported by an Advisory Group consisting of:

  • Nancy Waite
  • Nardine Nakhla
  • Debbie Ellen
  •  Rosemary Killeen
  • Kaitlin Bynkoski
  • Mary Stanley
  • Andrea Edginton

The content was developed after consultation with alumni of our program, pharmacy professionals and scientists, professionals conducting similar work in other organizations and more.  

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