Women in Pharmacy Leadership Program

    Women speaking to one anotherWe created the Women in Pharmacy Leadership Program to build leadership capacity and empower women in pharmacy to achieve their full potential. Our unique program provides career growth opportunities for School of Pharmacy alumni, helping build on both their educational foundation and their real-world experience in the workforce.

    Women in Pharmacy Leadership Brochure (PDF)

    This program has two key components:

    1. Events and networking series
    2. Alumni Mentorship Program

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    Read more about our Alumni Mentorship Program experiences.


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    Visit our Women in Pharmacy Leadership bookshelf for great books to read on leadership and women who made a difference.

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    "You can’t be it if you can’t see it. In pharmacy we need to start seeing women as leaders so that future generations of women in pharmacy can also see themselves as leaders."

    - Kelly Grindrod, professor