Research at Waterloo Pharmacy explores questions that extend from analyzing molecules to examining entire populations. Our faculty and graduate students investigate topics as varied as understanding the cellular mechanisms involved in cancer, to novel drug delivery methods, to factors that influence pharmacist decision-making. Whether your interest is in pharmaceutical research or patient-directed studies, we have something here for you.

The three primary areas of research are:

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Undergraduate research opportunities

There are many ways undergraduate students can get involved in reserach at the School of Pharmacy. Check out the undergraduate research opportunities website to learn more.

 Graduate studies and research program administration

The pharmacy graduate studies and research program is administered by the following faculty and staff. The administrative coordinator is the initial contact for general questions in all areas. See the graduate officer for specific program or supervisor questions and the associate director for research specific inquiries.

Andrea Edginton

Andrea Edginton
Associate Director, Graduate Studies and Research

Praveen Nekkar Rao

Praveen Nekkar Rao
Graduate Officer

Melinda Recchia

Melinda Recchia
Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Studies and Research