Undergraduate student research opportunities

Sam Dusbinsky in front of research posterVolunteer

Undergraduate students who are interested in research in Pharmacy may consider volunteering in one of the research labs of our faculty supervisors.  Interested students should reach out to potential research supervisors directly.     


Undergraduate students (2B and beyond) in non-professional degree programs can participate in research at the School of Pharmacy by applying for an Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). These awards enable students to gain research experience by working full time on a research project, under the supervision of an eligible grant holder.  Interested candidates should reach out to research supervisors, directly, to discuss the potential for supervision.

Students who wish to be considered for early acceptance (including but not limited to co-op students) in the first application cycle should apply by January 19, 2021.  The final term deadline is April 16, 2021. Priority is given to students with an average of 80% or higher, and to co-op students.   

If any award allocations remain, applicants may be considered in a second application cycle.  The application deadline for the second cycle is May 11, 2021.

For additional information about this award, including eligibility criteria, see the NSERC USRA website.

Senior Honours Research Project

Undergraduate students in an honours stream may be eligible to work under the supervision of one of our faculty research supervisors on an honours research project (e.g. BIOL 499, CHEM 494). Interested students should consult with the course coordinator in their home department for more information, and connect with a Pharmacy research supervisor who has a cross-appointment in the student’s home department.         

PHARM 401—Independent study

PharmD students who are interested in research can take PHARM 401, an elective course designed to permit students to pursue areas of personal interest and/or to gain experience in scientific research. PHARM 401 requires students to complete a research-based project, which typically includes conducting a review of pertinent scientific literature and the generation and analysis of new data. Research may be conducted in the School of Pharmacy, in a hospital, community pharmacy, or pharmaceutical company, etc. 

President's Research Award

Undergraduate students in term 2A and beyond who engage in research experience under the supervision of a UW researcher are eligible for this award. For more information including eligibility criteria and application instructions visit the President's upper year awards website

AFPC and CSPS Student Research Poster Awards

Each year, PharmD and graduate students in Pharmacy are encouraged to enter the School of Pharmacy poster competition.  The purpose of this internal competition is to select the School’s nominees for the AFPC/CPPE Student Research Poster Award and nominee for the CSPS Undergraduate Student Poster Award.  The Administrative Coordinator for Graduate Studies and Research will email competition details, typically in January. 

Undergraduate Research Highlights

Pharmacy student conducts pharmacy practice research through Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health

Co-op student receives multiple awards for outstanding research presentations