A pharmacist giving a woman a vaccine

Pharmacy Innovation in Immunization Research Collaborative

PIIRC Impact: Revolutionizing vaccine access, delivery and education

Pharmacists play a vital role within communities as advocates for vaccines. They serve as individual and mass screeners, provide expert vaccine counseling, report adverse events, and administer vaccinations. As one of the most accessible healthcare providers, pharmacy networks bring vaccines closer to people, ensuring broad access to immunization services. PIIRC, in collaboration with the University of Waterloo and our esteemed partners, harnesses cutting-edge research to create new pathways for collaboration and innovation.

What is PIIRC?

Waterloo School of Pharmacy has the largest clinical pharmacy practice research group in Canada. Our researchers have taken the lead in advancing the role that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians play in immunization efforts, improving patient understanding of vaccines, and increasing vaccine uptake. This critical mass of researchers is now coming together to form the Pharmacy Immunization Research Collaborative. Working with government and industry, PIIRC will build the insights and strategies that will propel positive change by charting a new course for vaccine delivery and education. 

Graphic of Improving Patient Care. Pharmacist's role, Vaccine access, Vaccine confidence, Vaccine uptake.


Data is key in research. At Waterloo Pharmacy, we understand the ever-growing influence of data. It helps us uncover trends, make informed decisions, and drive our research forward.


University of Waterloo's reputation for technological leadership is the cornerstone of PIIRC's success. This cutting-edge technological expertise propels our initiative to the forefront of immunization research and healthcare advancement. With technology accelerating research, data analysis, and communication, we stand as pioneers of innovation and efficiency in the healthcare landscape.


Waterloo Pharmacy co-op students are the dynamic engine powering innovation. They bring fresh perspectives, dedication, and energy to PIIRC initiatives, propelling us forward. They are more than students; they are future leaders shaping the path to success. 

Systemic change

Change is crucial, but it's not just about small adjustments. Real impact comes from a full-scale shift in how things work. We know that systemic change is the path to lasting improvements.

Vaccine education

Awareness is the first step to make a real difference. We believe in the power of education to engage and create an impact. It's all about understanding the importance of vaccines and how they safeguard our health.


Vaccines are more than health measures; they're vital to our nation's well-being. We recognize that the economic impact of vaccines reaches far and wide, touching individuals, communities, and the entire country.