The University of Waterloo supports many transportation options for students and employees.  Use the tools below to have a low-impact commute!

GoTravelWise  |  Transit  |  Cycling and Walking  |  Carpooling  | Emergency Ride Home  |  Community CarShare


UWaterloo has partnered with the TravelWise program to access the website.  Here, you can:

  • See your options:  How much does your commute cost you by car, bike, or bus?  How much carbon do you produce?  How many calories could you burn?  How long will it take? Search your trip to UWaterloo and find all that and more!
  • Search for carpools: Want to find the perfect carpool match?  Plug in your info and see who is out there waiting.  See carpooling below.
  • Track your trips: Log your trips to win quarterly prizes, keep tabs on your progress and impacts, and help UWaterloo better understand employee commuting.

Staff, faculty, and students can join the University of Waterloo private user group by signing up with their or email.  Visit the links below to register.


UWaterloo is located along many major transit routes and the upcoming ION rapid transit corridor, making the bus a simple and cost-effective way of getting to campus.

    Cycling and Walking

    UWaterloo South Campus is located along the Laurel Trail, and is in a great location for many cycling and walking routes.  South Campus is filled with pedestrian-friendly walkways, with traffic mostly limited to services vehicles and those using accessible parking spots.


    Sharing the ride is one of the easiest ways to save money on gas and parking, and cut your environmental impact at least in half!

      *For your own safety, it is strongly encouraged to meet with a new match in a public area before you start carpooling.  Get to know the person, agree on terms such as cost sharing, smoking/non-smoking, and music tastes.

      Emergency Ride Home

      Sometimes the unexpected happens, and sustainable commuting options are not always as flexible as driving. Don't worry, you're covered.

      Staff and faculty who walk, cycle, take transit, or carpool are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program through TravelWise and the Region of Waterloo.  Individual employees may be reimbursed up to $75 per trip, for a maximum of 4 trips per calendar year.

      There is no pre-registration required.  Just grab a receipt from your cab driver to submit a claim.  The Region of Waterloo reserves the right to inquire about the nature of your emergency.  Employees abusing the ERH will lose further privileges.  Check out the Emergency Ride Home (pdf) form to learn what is covered and how to make a claim.

      The ERH is not available for undergraduate or graduate students at this time.