Sustainable travel


Use public transit

Try taking the bus, ION, or train for longer trips instead of your personal vehicle.

Benefits: Reduces emissions, saves money


Plan ahead to compare your options

Employees have access to the TravelWise platform for trip planning, where you can compare trips by time, distance, cost, emissions, and even calories burned.

Benefits: Saves money


Bundle trips

Set aside time to run multiple errands at once.

Benefits: Reduces the amount of trips needed and saves money


Use active transportation

Try walking, cycling, or another active mode for short trips and errands for the added bonus of boosting physical health!

Benefits: Promotes good health from physical activity, reduces emissions, saves money


Consider an electric vehicle

Before your next vehicle purchase, consider an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle to save on gas and emissions.

Benefits: Reduces emissions, saves money through low/no gas consumption


Try carsharing

Borrow from a selection of vehicles only when you need it.

Benefits: Access to vehicles when you need it, range of vehicles available

Map of greenspaces near the School of Pharmacy

Tree 1: Victoria Park

15 minute walk from School

Tree 2: Mount Hope Cemetery

10 minute walk from school

Waterloo Park

10 minute ride from School on ION (LRT)

Spur Line Trail

Access point 10 minute walk from School

Iron Horse Trail

Access point 15 minute walk from school

Star: The School of Pharmacy

Map of greenspaces near the School of Pharmacy