Knowledge Mobilization

The Centre will lead initiatives that will bring the research to practical application. We will:

  • Collaborate with the financial industry and other companies on problems, solutions and technologies for current and future pain points in cybersecurity, privacy, safety and reliability of information, services and products;
  • Play a leadership role in the development of quantum-safe standards and interact with government and industry on quantum-safe policies; and,
  • Deliver workshops and seminars to bring and develop knowledge on cybersecurity and privacy with industry. Examples include expanding the Cryptography, Security and Privacy Group’s external speaker series to include financial industry speakers and attendees, including more guest lectures from the financial industry in courses on software engineering, security and privacy, workshops on emerging technologies, short courses on quantum-safe security for financial services, Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analytics. This also includes our CPI Talks, CPI Spotlights, and CPI RoundTables.