The Rockwood property was donated to the University of Waterloo in 1972. It is located adjacent to Rockwood Conservation Area with a total area of 5.8 hectares. The area is bisected by the Eramosa River. Features of the property include dolomitic limestone cliffs, caves, and potholes.

The property was originally a dolostone quarry where rock was extracted and used to produce lime in lime kilns. The quarry was abandoned in the late 1950s. The ruins of the quarry manager’s office can be seen on the property. In addition, evidence of old residences including building foundations and plantings of lilacs and periwinkle can be found.

Courses such as Geog 391 (Field Research), Geog 300 (Geomorphology of the Southern Ontario Environment) and ENVS 300 Vascular Plants of S. ON conduct field studies at Rockwood.