Spongy Lake

Spongy Lake is a unique wetland and forested property in Baden, ON. It has gained the Environmentally Sensitive Protected Area (ESPA) status, because of it’s uncommon features and the species that live there. This site has a variety of key features such as the wetland, fen, and old hardwood forest.

A stream with tall grasses at Spongy Lake

The goal of this tour is to:

  • Learn about the characteristics of different types of wetland ecosystems and succession (i.e., wetland, fen, bog).
  • Identify processes that formed this landscape (e.g., isostasy, kettle lakes, and kames)
  • Apply the succession concept to a wetland environment
  • Describe how plants respond to gradients in environmental factors
  • Understand how climate change is impacting wetland ecosystems, and the key role that wetlands play in carbon storage
  • Explain ways in which this ecosystem is impacted by human infrastructure and activity

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