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The Faculty of Environment Ecology Lab is your one-stop resource centre. We are here to support lab and field activities, courses, projects, and outreach initiatives. Available to you are field guides, lab and field equipment, documentation, and preserved specimens. We share our expertise in taxa identification and analysis, water and soil analysis, gardening, and other topics.

The Lab staff facilitates hands on learning through workshops, outreach events, project participation, and volunteer opportunities. Our outdoor classrooms along with the laboratory help students thrive in their quest for environmental experiences.


  1. Jan. 12, 2018Royal Botanical Gardens hiring interns!

    RBG is hiring for numerous positions, most applicable include Botany intern, nature interpreter, SAR intern, terrestrial intern and aquatic ecology intern to name a few.

  2. Jan. 12, 2018Hiring Waterfowl Research Technicians

     The University of Waterloo Wildlife and Molecular Ecology Lab’s Western Boreal Forest Waterfowl Nest Predator Project is seeking up to 5 highly motivated waterfowl research technicians to assist with nest searching and monitoring in the western boreal forest of Canada. The overall goal of this project is to understand how industrial development influences waterfowl nest success. The study area is located north of Slave Lake, Alberta. 

  3. Sep. 21, 2017Ecological Restoration project -helped needed!


    Project: Assess the health of a small forested area and develop a restoration strategy for the damaged understory and compacted soils in Singhampton, ON (90 min from Waterloo, rides can be arranged)

    Approach: Walk through assessment and photographic review with the land owner and the community group whose been the main user of the forest for nine years

    Timeline: Walk through THIS FALL before the leaves are fallen (ideally by October 10th); initial thoughts from observation will lead to developing the SCOPE of the project.

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