The Scholars Portal Dataverse network is a storage management system for research data collected by individuals and organizations associated with Ontario universities. The Dataverse platform streamlines depositing data, creating appropriate metadata, and viewing version documents as you work.

Dataverse is a data management and storage system that is accessible to staff and students for use with course content, research and observations. Researchers can choose to make content available publicly, only to select individuals, or to keep it completely locked.

Students in courses supported by the Ecology Lab collect a wide range of environmental data on campus from tree data to water quality. The Ecology Lab's goal is to published all data collected through lab-related courses such as Field Ecology, Hydroclimatology, and Environmental Hydrology. At present, Laurel Creek data, collected through Field Ecology, has been published on dataverse.

The University of Waterloo Ecology Lab's Dataverse currently has a variety of recent and historical data for all to use.