Forested Hills

Explore Forested Hills, an Environmentally Sensitive Policy Area (ESPA). Typically used as course support for ENVS 200, Forested Hills is a unique historical ecosystem with rare plants and animals, now disturbed by the presence of humans and invasive species. This area is open to the public, and you are welcome to explore in person on your own.

A view of the top of the moraine looking down

The goal of this tour is to:

  • Understand the impacts of urban design on ecological features such as topography, vegetation communities, corridors, habitat fragmentation, and microclimates.
  • Describe the origins of a moraine and understand the role of an aquifer
  • Understand regional drinking water sources and storm water management function
  • Observe disturbances on protected areas
  • Potential solutions to urban design issues, how ecological principles can be applied to urban design and how urban design can enhance ecological integrity.
  • Assess topography, natural features and microclimate for an area of interest