Our Collections

Online collections

The Ecology Lab is home to a number of physical and online collections. Present collections include Invertebrates, Lichens, and a Herbarium with flora from the Waterloo region, as well as regions further away.

Similar to how a library holds records of written materials, our collections are records of biological material in taxonomic order. Each specimen is identified along with where and when it was collected.


The Ecology Lab recognizes the generosity from the WAT Herbarium, originally located in the Biology department, the University of Waterloo and Environment computing department Environment Technology & Instructional Support (ETIS) that created the database.

Stay tuned as we add more collections.

This resource will help in the study of biodiversity, ecology and historical trends. The Herbarium will also be great a resource for all students to help identify specimens gathered in the field and to help improve their plant identification skills.