Fruit tree maintenance course

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SPECIAL FRUIT TREE CARE TRAINING OFFER FOR STUDENTS is a Toronto-based fruit tree care consulting and education company, which hosts an 8-hour Beginner Fruit Tree Care online program.

Until September 1st  2017, any student who signs up for the online course will receive the heavily discounted price of $99.95 CDN rather than the regular fee of $250 USD (equivalent to $337 CDN). 

With the student registration, you will still receive full access to all online materials and modules presented in the course - including proper pruning and pest/disease management workshops. 

Previous course graduates include ISA-certified arborists, master gardeners and community orchardists. More information on what the course has to offer can be found at

Are you interested in learning more? Or are you a teacher that wants to try the course yourself? please e-mail me, Jessica, at for more information about this special deal or to register.

I myself am a forestry student and I loved the course! I think you will love it too. You can read course testimonials at

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Training Consultant

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