Volunteers for Envirothon needed!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Faculty of Environment is hosting the regional high school Envirothon competition on Thursday April 20 here on campus. We need your help! Please see the list below and let me know right away if you are available to help us in this exciting event!

Station helper for Forestry station: help station master administer test, answer questions, help mark tests, take group to next location. You will be situated in the woodlot

Moderator for presentations: introduce teams to judges, ensure the presentations are keeping to time

Helper for moderator: give material to teams, let teams know when to come in, take teams to next station.

Score keeper: enter station scores, gather marked tests, tally results.


We need you for the day 8:30-3pm and we’ll provide you with snacks and lunch.

Contact the Ecology Lab EV1-134 for additional info


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