ECE 682 - Multivariable Control Systems


Professor David Wang


Lectures will be Tuesdays from 2:30pm - 5:20pm in room EIT 3151, starting the week of September 12.

Calendar Description

An introduction to control theory for linear time-invariant finite-dimensional systems from both the state-space and input-output viewpoints. State- space theory: the concepts of controllability, observability, stabilizability, and detectability; the pole-assignment theorem; observers and dynamic compensation; LQR regulators. Input-output theory: the ring of polynomials and the field of rational functions; the algebra of polynomial and rational matrices; coprime factorization of transfer matrices; Youla parametrization. Introduction to optimal control.


ECE 380 and any fourth year controls course (or their equivalent).


Suggested Reference Texts:

  • Modern Control Theory - Brogan
  • Linear System Theory and Design - C.T. Chen



The best way to learn is to teach!

You will be given 7 assignments where the solutions are partially given. With your group, produce a complete solution set with details. Then, for each assignment, each group will be responsible for creating 2 questions that would be suitable for an exam question. Provide a detailed solution. Must be solvable in 20 minutes by your peers. Up to 40% of the final exam could be from the submitted problems.

Mark Distribution

  • Final 50% (Up to 40% of exam mark from the questions created from assignments, up to 10% of the exam drawn from project presentations below)
  • Assignments (Create questions for a final exam along with solutions) - 30%
    • assigned questions - 75% of total assignment mark
    • designed exam questions with solutions - 25% of total assignment mark
  • Project - One submission per group - 20% (50% of total based on group presentation, 50% based on journal paper formatted report)