Upcoming cases

The following cases are under development at the University of Waterloo. Please contact us if you are an educator who wishes to review a case for possible use.

List of upcoming cases

Keystone XL Pipeline Project

University of Waterloo Group Work Conflict

Engineering Escherichia coli for Biofuel Production

Nahanni Steel Products Work Flow Design

Target Canada - What went wrong?

Colt Firearms Sound Suppressor Design

Nanoemulsion Design

Risk Management for Sodium Cyanide Briquettes

Quality Function Deployment for Tracheal Stents

Design of USV for Tailings Ponds

Remotely Adjustable Seat Post

testimonial from Hannah Van Opstal

Hannah Van Opstal

Student, Systems Design Engineering

I think getting case study experience is the first step in really helping students see all the possibilities and everything they can accomplish.