Fee Schedule for International Undergraduate Students Fall 2021

    Fees below are for Fall 2021 term only. Incidental fees are subject to change. Due date is August 24, 2021.

    University of Waterloo bills students one term at a time:

    • Fall Term – September to December
    • Winter Term – January to April
    • Spring Term – May to August

    Tuition rates

    • With the exception of Engineering and Optometry programs, tuition is assessed for each 0.5-unit course, and prorated for other course credit weights.
    • Students in Optometry & Engineering degree programs are charged a program fee equal to the maximum tuition charge and are only charged the per course rate during a non-degree term.
    • In the Fall & Winter terms, the Optometry program fee includes a $450.00 special assessment.
    • Bachelor of Social Work students are charged at the Arts Regular rate.
    • Tuition rates are the same regardless of how the course is delivered (in person, online or a combination) and whether you take the course for credit or general, or audit it.
    • Any course load of more than 2.5 units will be charged the maximum tuition fee indicated for that program.
    • Any course load of 1.5 or more units will be charged full-time incidental fees, regardless of how the course is being delivered (in-person, online, blended), and whether you are taking the course to meet degree requirements, or for general interest.
    • Post-degree students and students enrolled in a non-degree term are charged per course at the year 2 rate.
    • Dropping a course may or may not result in a refund depending on when the course is dropped and your course load before and after the drop; please contact Student Financial Services if you need clarification before dropping a course.

    Incidental Fees

    Learn more about the non-tuition fees charged to your student account each term you are enrolled in at least one course.

    Co-op Fee

    2021/2022 Co-op Fee: $739.00

    • Co-op fees represent the cost of running the co-op program, spread out over a specific number of academic terms. They are not directly related to specific work terms and are not “placement fees” or “internship fees”.
    • Co-op and Work Report Marking Fees are charged to Co-op students for a prescribed number of academic terms, corresponding to their particular program.  If a student is required to register for additional academic terms to complete degree requirements, we will remove the extra Co-op & Work Report Marking Fees.
    • Co-op students in the PharmD program are exempt from paying the Co-op Fee and Work Report Marking Fee in term 1A, 1B, 4A and 4B.
    • Co-op students in Accounting programs, Health, Architecture, Arts, Environment, and Science are exempt from paying the Co-op Fee and Work Report Marking Fee in terms 1A & 1B.
    • Double Degree Business & Math students and Double Degree Business & Computer Science students are exempt from paying the Co-op Fee and Work Report Marking Fee in terms 4A, 4B, 5A & 5B
    • Check out the Co-op fee FAQs to learn more about the cost associated with enrolling in a co-op program.

    Tuition and residence refunds

    • Withdrawal or program completion effective on or before the 100% refund deadline will result in all of your charges for the term being removed.
    • Withdrawal or program completion effective on or before the 50% refund deadline will result in a 50% adjustment to the charges for tuition, student services fees, and co-op and work report marking fees (if applicable) only. All other charges will remain on your account.
    • For detailed information on refunds for housing charges, please see Campus Housing.