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Intention to Complete the Foundation Term

The Foundation Term is one component of the University of Waterloo's efforts to support you in achieving your full potential.

The Foundation Term consists of three 0.5 unit courses and any associated required labs (0.25 unit each). The first course (UNIV 101) equips you with skills to become a successful independent learner. This course will help you meet the demands of your term by presenting various life and learning theories and strategies. The instructor will support you as you practically apply these strategies to your other two courses, which will be determined by your faculty.

The Foundation Term is only offered in the fall term and is open to students who have not met plan average requirements during their first academic year and whose current/last term of study is in one of the following faculties: Arts, Environment, Health, Science.

Submission deadline: July 2.

More information on UNIV 101 and the Foundation term is available on the Registrar's Office website.

Note: The reduced course load could impact financial aid from OSAP, or equivalent program. Visit or contact The Centre to inquire about potential impacts on your financial aid and scholarships before completing this form.

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