Winter 2024: Me and my Robot- What Changes When Robots are Everywhere

Robots are no longer simply the stuff of science fiction or productivity-enhancing devices on the factory floor. They are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, whether it is in the home or the hospital, our schools, or our increasingly complex media landscapes. 

Join Professors Dr. Shana MacDonald (Communication Arts) and Dr. Brandon DeHart (Manager of the RoboHub in the Faculty of Engineering) as well as our Jarislowsky fellows – leading experts and practitioners in the field -- as we explore the social, physical, and practical interfaces between humans and robots and what their presence in our everyday environments will mean for ourselves as individuals and for society more broadly. 

This Winter in ARTS 450, we will look at not only the opportunities robots create, but also the challenges that they pose, and consider how best humanity can thrive with robots in our daily lives. 

This course is CR/NCR and will meet weekly and in-person. The emphasis is on innovative and collaborative problem-solving, and it will culminate in the 2024 Desmarais Family Summit where students will have the opportunity to share their projects with the wider public.  

robot with arts 450 global engagement seminar me and my robot in text
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During the Winter 2022 Global Engagement Seminar (GES), Hannah Anderson worked as Course and Research Assistant and mentor to the students. As they prepare for the GES Summit on April 4, she shares a bit about her experiences with the seminar, particularly one project that is helping to tell the story of the Grand River through maps.