Voluntary withdrawal

It is important that you inform your academic department of your decision to withdraw from your program. Once you have been withdrawn from your program, you are no longer a student and may not attend classes, receive supervision, or make demands on any of the resources of the university.   

Voluntary withdrawal will require:

  • The completion and submission of a request to Change Enrolment Status (Voluntary Withdrawal) form to your academic department (Graduate Studies forms website).
  • The repayment of certain scholarships. Repayment amounts are calculated based on the tuition refund policy outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.
  • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) entitlements will be recalculated based on the date of withdrawal.

When your withdrawal has been approved and processed:

  • Any refund that you may be eligible for will be authorized according to the published academic deadlines and events in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar and based on the tuition refund policy outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.


If you wish to resume your former degree program, which you left in good standing, and have not attended any further academic institutions since leaving the University of Waterloo, you may apply for readmission by submitting a new application to the same program.  Refer to our Discover Graduate Studies website for further details on how to apply online.

If your readmission is approved, you are required to remain registered for a minimum of one full term to complete your program (without a refund of tuition).

Note: the University of Waterloo reserves the right to refuse readmission to any candidate if in the opinion of the Faculty Graduate Committee, the student’s previous progress has not been satisfactory.