Associate Vice-President

Jeff Casello is the academic lead for GSPA. He works closely with other administrators to improve opportunities for graduate students, enhance the quality of graduate studies, and support the University’s postdoctoral scholars. He believes that the best part of his job is supporting students and postdocs in achieving their academic, personal and professional goals.

Jeff CaselloWhen Jeff is not at the University, you can usually find him working around the house—he is an amateur plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. He is from Massachusetts, so he's a huge fan of the Sox, the B's and the Patriots. He also likes to play golf—a lot. He and his wife enjoy dinner out, with their favourites being wings at Morty's or The Bauer Kitchen. At home, they are well trained by their rescue chihuahua, Thorton.

If you're not sure who to talk to in GSPA, send Jeff a message. He will make sure it ends up with the right person.

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