Meet the Director, Sexual Violence Prevention and Response - Amanda Cook

Hello! My name is Amanda and I am the Director, Sexual Violence Prevention and Response here at the University of Waterloo and my role was created as a result of Policy 42, Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence.

I'm here to support students, staff and faculty

My role is to support students, staff and faculty on the main campus, satellite campuses and University Colleges, who have experienced or have been impacted by, sexual violence. This includes:

  • providing a safe space for folks to come and speak with me in as little or as much detail as they wish about their experience;
  • discussing resources, both on- and off- campus, that could provide further support; and 
  • exploring potential next steps, which could include safety planning, formal and informal options, workplace and/or academic accommodations.

Coming to me does not initiate an investigation! 

However if someone wishes to pursue a formal complaint process I’m here to support them with that as well. I’m also available to speak with those who have received disclosures and are needing to talk about that experience, as well as anyone on campus who has a question about sexual violence, consent, etc.  

Further, I’m also a support to those who have been accused of perpetrating sexual violence. My role is also to work with the Equity Office to identify potential prevention initiatives to implement on campus, as well as any education and training opportunities.
If someone has experienced sexual harassment, I am here to provide support, guidance and to resources. 
However, should they wish to file a formal complaint it would fall under Policy 33, Ethical Behaviour