Making a Referral

Making a Referral to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office

Here are some tips for making a warm referral to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO) 

Please clearly state whether you have received consent to share information with us from the survivor disclosing to you.  

  • If the survivor has consented to sharing information regarding their experience, please note that in your referral and book some time to connect with us in advance of us meeting with the person

When referring, we need to receive:

  1. The person's preferred name, and
  2. Their preferred contact (we do not have access to UW contact information otherwise)

It is helpful to receive:

  • The survivor's pronouns
  • When referring students, their Student ID number
  • A high-level outline of what happened, sharing no confidential information unless you have consent to do so (i.e sexually assaulted, experiencing harassment, etc.)
  • A brief description of why you are referring to SVPRO or that there's something specific they are looking for (i.e academic accommodations are covered but need help locating supports, or they have questions about reporting, or they need a letter of support)
  • Any urgent timelines or presenting concerns we should be aware of (i.e they have an exam this week, they have a court date tomorrow, they appear to be very distraught, they cannot return to campus for the time being, etc.)