Training & Workshop Resources

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office is pleased to share infographics featuring our branding. We've designed infographics on:

  1. SVPRO - what our office does and when to connect with us
  2. Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence
  3. Understanding the Red Zone
  4. Active Bystander Intervention and the 5Ds

Please feel free to use and share widely - to save any of the infographics, click on an image to view, then right click on the image to 'save as' - this will allow you to download. 

Active Bystander Intervention

 Bystander Intervention Skills & Strategies
The Social Ecological Model of Sexual Violence

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence

Best Practices for Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Violence

Talking to Children About Consent

PowerPoint Slides
Resources - Teaching Children About Consent & Boundaries
Talking to Children About Consent
Values Clarification Exercise

Unhealthy Relationships & Providing Support


Signs - Unhealthy or Abusive Relationship 
How to Support a Friend in an Unhealthy Relationship