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Direct Response

direct response



Systems Change

systems change

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Pillar/sphere capturing SVPRO’s work

Direct response

Selected nature elements: gladiolus and the sparrow

  • Gladiolus are considered the flowers of gladiators, and represent moral integrity, strong character, and generosity. These qualities are related to “Direct Response”, as having strong character and integrity can greatly assist in guiding people through any challenging situation they may face.
  • The sparrow is small yet strong, and shows that you don’t have to be large to have your voice heard or to make a difference. They are highly intelligent, and powerful as a group. They are very suitable for “Direct Response” as they show that even things that seem small can make an important change, and that those changes can be achieved by working together. This would relate to the therapeutic groups for UW students, as well as male allyship


Selected nature elements: chamomile and the heron

  • Chamomile works well as a symbol for “Prevention”, as this sphere of SVPRO helps provide strength to individuals and assist their personal growth through tough times. In folklore, chamomile was considered a “plant doctor” and was planted next to weaker plants to help strengthen them. It symbolizes patience, healing, wisdom, and energy in times of adversity. This is similar to how SVPRO helps people navigate challenging situations and grow to become stronger.
  • The heron is a symbol of wisdom, balance, and patience. It represents taking in all information before acting. This works well to symbolize “Prevention”, as it is all about gaining knowledge and wisdom, in order to respond in the best way possible.

Systems change

Selected nature elements: water lilies and the robin

  • The water lily is a very optimistic flower, which works well for “Systems Change”. It represents rebirth, new beginnings, harmony, life, and purity of heart. In Egyptian folklore the Sun God was born from the water lily to light up the dark world. This would represent a positive outlook on the future, and a fresh start for individuals.
  • Much like the water lily, robins are a very positive sign, associated with rebirth and new beginnings. They are one of the first signs of spring, representing positive change, hope, renewal, and growth. All of these make them a great symbol for “Systems Change”