When we see sexual violence happening – in the ‘jokes’ that people make, when someone is being catcalled, via online harassment or by an attempted assault – we can:

  • collectively and individually intervene to interrupt what’s happening
  • support those impacted
  • desensitize ourselves and others to the attitudes and behaviors that hold up rape culture

Intervening When Sexual Violence Occurs

Check out this infographic (PDF) to learn the steps involved in, and skills needed for better Bystander Intervention.

"Bystander Intervention Skills" graphic that is an image of the downloadable PDF that is available on this webpage

Your Intervention Matters

Sometimes we think that it “doesn't matter if we intervene, or not”.  

But, interrupting sexual violence in all its forms (harassment, online, assaults, jokes, etc.) challenges the ongoing normalization of sexual violence and the acceptance of rape culture in our communities. This is true both when we’re with our friends and family, and when we see and hear acts of sexual violence in public. 

As we see from the 11th Principle: Consent’s Rape Culture pyramid, when our communities and culture tolerate attitudes and behaviours that are sexually violent, the foundation for assault and other forms of harm is created and normalized   

 Rape, Drugging, Molestation, Stealthing (Covert Condom Removal), Contraceptive Sabotage, Victim Blaming & Shaming, Coercion/Manipulation, Threats, Revenge Porn, Safe Word Violations, Groping, Non-Consensual Photo or Video, Flashing & Exposing, Unsolicited Nude Pics, Catcalling, Unwanted Non-Sexual Touch, Stalking, Sexist Attitudes, Rape Jokes, Locker Room Bante

Rape Culture Pyramid by the 11th Principle