Wireless Access Point (AP) approval process


It is recognized that there will be situations in which a member of the university will need to setup their own wireless access point infrastructure. This might include for example, researchers doing wireless research, or requiring custom wireless configurations, conference or special meeting needs, etc. In all cases, anyone wishing to setup their own access point will need to first consult the Wireless Guidelines as well as the Guidelines on use of Waterloo Computing and Network Resources.

Wherever possible, existing infrastructure must be used to meet the needs of the intended use. If those needs cannot be met by existing infrastructure, then approval for the use of a separate access point will need to be obtained before installing additional access points. Once approval has been granted, the access point will be added to a list of known exceptions and will be allowed to operate within the campus wireless infrastructure.


Anyone considering deploying their own wireless infrastructure should consult with their faculty computing personnel (if relevant) or Information Systems & Technology (IST) Network Services. It may be possible, for instance, to host special SSIDs for particular purposes. Where that is not possible, steps must be taken to minimize or eliminate any possible interference from the proposed wireless infrastructure on the campus infrastructure.

Approval process

The applicant or faculty computing support personnel acting on their behalf, should complete the AP approval form outlining their requirements, their proposed use of the wireless spectrum, what steps will be taken to minimize interference with existing network, what SSID will be used, MAC addresses of the access point(s) and how long they expect to need the wireless infrastructure. This will be reviewed by IST Network Services who will, if needed, contact the applicant to further clarify their needs and may suggest ways that the existing infrastructure might be used. If it is deemed that the separate infrastructure is needed, then IST Network Services will send a reply to the applicant granting that permission. They will also update their internal database recording that information.