Library Accessibility Services

Welcome to Library Accessibility Services!

We are committed to accommodating diverse student accessibility needs.

Students registered with AccessAbility Services, and students with a Library Accessibility Services plan are invited to enjoy quiet study in a fully accessible, scent-free environment at the Adaptive Technology Centre, located on the Dana Porter Library's main floor, LIB251.

Engage yourself in a wide range of accessibility services, technology, equipment, and workstations to help you research and study more effectively.

What is a disability?

When we think of disabilities, we tend to think of people in wheelchairs and physical disabilities – disabilities that are visible and apparent. But disabilities can also be non-visible. We can’t always tell who has a disability. The broad range of disability types includes vision, hearing, intellectual, developmental, learning, and mental health. 

The AODA uses the same, broadened definition of disability as the Ontario Human Rights Commission that:

  • includes past, present, and perceived conditions
  • reaffirms student’s right to discrimination and harassment-free education
  • represents impact of ableism on students’ access to education when struggling with mental health

~Accessible Customer Service Commitment

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E-mail: Library Accessibility Services

Phone: 519-888-4567, ext.  43012

Location: Dana Porter Library main floor, LIB251

Library Accessibility Services Coordinator & AODA Advisor, Sarah Murray

Library Accessibility Services Coordinator & AODA Advisor, Sarah Murray