Gord Beck

Map Specialist - Lloyd Reeds Map Collection, McMaster University Library

Gord began his career at McMaster University in 1985. Since 1997 he has been employed in the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection, and is currently the Library's Map Specialist. He is a graduate of Mohawk College where he studied Geographic Information Systems and Business Computer Applications, specializing in database design. Gord is a recognized expert in the field of WWI military cartography and played a major role in McMaster University's acquisition of the world's largest private collection of WWI trench maps. His most recent achievement has been his collaboration on a pilot project developing 'blended learning' modules for geospatial literacy instruction.

Jane Britton

Archivist - Special Collections, University of Waterloo Library


Geoff Christou

BArch, MArch candidate - University of Waterloo School of Architecture


Eva Dodsworth

Geospatial Data Services Librarian - Geospatial Centre, University of Waterloo Library

Eva is the Geospatial Centre coordinator and is well known across the campus, country, and continent as an expert educator on GIS technologies. She has recently published "Getting started with GIS: a LITA guide" which introduces readers to spatial literacy, online mapping programs, desktop GIS software programs, and geospatial data.


Tanya Kenesky

GIS/Data technician - HMALC, University of Toronto Mississauga Library

Tanya has been with the U of T Mississauga Library since 2006, where she assists students, staff and faculty with their GIS, data and mapping needs. She loves teaching and engaging with students. She is also the proud mother of a 3-year-old boy and 18-month old twins, also boys!


James McCarthy

Informatics Instructional Coordinator - Mapping, Analysis & Design, University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment

James' role is to support the use of geomatics in teaching, research and other endeavours in collaboration with staff, faculty and students. This includes the use of GIS, GPS, surveying and programming.  His professional interests are in the areas of web-based GIS application development, open data, knowledge representation and spatial data management.

Jonathan Morgan

Library Associate - Geospatial Centre, University of Waterloo Library

Jon has worked in many departments across the University Library over the years. He is currently a Library Associate in the new Geospatial Centre, formerly the University Map Library. In his role he provides information service and instruction, conducts tours and creates publications and displays relating to the Centres' services and collections.

Sarah Neault

Intern Architect, MArch - University of Waterloo School of Architecture


Robert Jan Van Pelt

University Professor, Graduate Coordinator - University of Waterloo

Cultural historian and author, Robert Jan earned a D.Litt. from Leiden University and has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in recognition of his scholarly work. He has written several highly acclaimed books, and he is world-renowned for his extensive research into issues surrounding the architecture of the Holocaust. He recently completed a book on Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution, and he is presently working on a book on the culture of tourist trips to the death camps in Germany and Poland. He will be teaching the First Year Cultural History course this fall. Research interests include: History and philosophy of architecture and urbanism; the history of the Holocaust; German extermination camps; Holocaust denial; problems in historiography.

Steve Xu

GIS Library Associate - Geospatial Centre, University of Waterloo Library

Steve started his career in the private sector, working as a GIS specialist for mining and environmental consulting companies.  He has been with the University of Waterloo Library since 2009, where he provides geospatial data, consultation and instructional services to the the uWaterloo community.