MFCF service page for staff

MFCF services for staff

Time requirements for MFCF services

List of services:


  • Accounts request form for new accounts and extensions, 48 hours notice
  • Have an on-boarding and off-boarding procedure (inform of us arrivals and departures for staff, faculty, and post docs)


  • MFCF will handle access to printers through request tracker (RT)
  • Repairs and hardware problems call CSR 519-570-0066


  • FileMaker purchased from IST Webstore
  • Adobe lisences
    • Use campus license for Acrobat Pro (choose School or Company at login)
    • Use VIP license from W Store for Creative Cloud and through MFCF for other Adobe products (choose Personal at login)

Equipment moves

  • Submit RT 
  • To be done by MFCF but keep track of who is moving, where and with which computer and to make sure it has the correct network IP
  • Equipment moves with the person because they have admin perms on a particular machine


  • Automatic with HR status
  • Visitors do not get UW email accounts unless needed to access UW resources. e.g. Library

Connect from home with VPN

  • Shared drives and remote connections to windows.math

File storage – contact MFCF

  • Being migrated from S: shared drives to SharePoint for shared files
    • Math-SharedDrives for role-based shared files
    • math-dept SharePoint sites are for department wide access      
  • Your manager should let you know which process is being used. MFCF can confirm and give instructions.
  • OneDrive for personal storage, but will go away once you leave campus

Staff equipment purchases

  • Desktop computers
  • New staff and Faculty Admin positions, purchases are the responsibility of the department
  • Six-year replacement is on the DOM rollover program, initiated by MFCF

Services for Graduate students

Grad computers (Mac minis)

  • Keep track once a term of which grad is using which Mac mini 
  • Work with MFCF to determine yearly budget
  • SAS offers choice of Windows, Mac mini, Linux or bring your own
  • Machines should be wiped in-between students

Events and PhD Thesis support

  • RT is submitted by MGO, MFCF will assign a dept rep to create the Teams and coordinate the event with the committee members
  • MFCF on hand for technical trouble-shooting only
  • Equipment should be borrowed through ITMS

Grad orientation sessions

    • To be held early each Fall term
    • Sent out to each department for reference