_Service catalogue - Printing

Summary:  MFCF provides full lifecycle support of network printers used by the non-student community. Printers can be accessed from Windows, Mac operating system (OS) X, and Linux/Unix platforms.

Support includes consulting on the purchase of equipment, purchasing, setting up queues, deploying on campus, maintaining, and disposing.

Why you want this service: You need one or more printers to be shared by a group of people.

What you need before using this service: A description of your printing requirements.

What you get when you use this service: Printer(s) available on the network with access controls.

What is included in this service: Full lifecycle support of printers including purchase, initial setup and deployment, printer queues with access controls, disposal.

What is not included in this service: Standalone desktop printers. Regular maintenance (supplies) and repairs are outsourced. Departmental staff are responsible for ordering and installing supplies like paper and toner cartridges.

How to use this service:

Printing for staff, faculty and graduate students

Printing for undergraduate students

Where you can use this service: You can connect and print to a network printer from any MFCF managed computer.

When you can use this service:

The standard service level terms apply.