_Service catalogue - Research technical consulting

Summary:  MFCF will assist researchers who buy their own equipment. This includes planning starting with a CFI or NSERC grant proposal, purchasing, hosting, setup, administration, licensing, and maintenance. This service is conditional on subscribing to MFCF support.

Why you want this service: You need to run high end workstation or server class hardware for your computations.

What you need before you use this service:

  • research goals to be achieved using the equipment. This can include initial specifications such as software to run, desired capacity/capability, hardware specifications.
  • budget
  • timeline for major milestones

What you get with this service:

Some or all of these, depending on the engagement:

  • assistance with grant application technical content
  • specifications for equipment
  • contacts and recommended vendors
  • purchase
  • setup including some documentation
  • operational support along with some documentation
  • working with vendors to solve system issues

What you don't get with this service:

  • non-technical aspects of the grant application
  • reporting to granting agencies
  • consultation on equipment other than computing equipment

How to use this service:

Contact the MFCF Help Centre:

  • in person at MC 3017
  • by phone at 46323
  • by submitting a request

When you can use this service:

The standard service level terms apply.

Where you can use this service: This service is not specific to any location. Computer hardware can run in the data rooms (for servers) or in your office/lab (workstations).