_Service catalogue - Teaching remote desktop services

Summary: Windows remote desktop services (including remote application services) provides users access to Windows computing resources from multiple platforms.

Why you want this service: The Remote Desktop Service (RDS) server farm includes mathematical and productivity software.  The software runs on server hardware. Link to software page.

What you need before using this service: Standard University of Waterloo (NEXUS) account and resources.  University virtual private network (VPN) for access from off campus.

What you get when you use this service: Access to the server farm with all the installed software, network storage for the roaming profile. A list of installed software is published on the MFCF website.

What is included: Some servers or applications may have restricted access.

How to use this service:

Accessing windows.student.math

When you can use this service:

The standard service level terms apply.

Windows servers need to apply patches and reboot on a regular monthly basis. In response to high risk threats, MFCF will schedule reboots on short notice. MFCF will attempt to contact all logged on users before any reboots. If a user does not respond to log out requests in a reasonable time, they risk losing unsaved work when the server is rebooted to apply the updates.

Where you can use this service: This service is available across campus and remotely for VPN connected users.