Statistics and Actuarial Sciences (SAS) web access to SAS Graduate Student FileMaker database

Description: SAS requires a secure web server that will communicate with the graduate student database on the FileMaker Server. This will allow SAS to have automated workflows. MFCF will host a dedicated virtual machine with the appropriate resources (CPU, RAM, disk space), operating system (OS), and web application software.

Support Contact: Contact MFCF for the server virtual machine, operating system, and web server platform. Contact Fernando Hernandez for database and web application support.  Contact details are listed below.

Responsible Manager: Director of MFCF.

Users: SAS administrative staff, faculty, and graduate students.

Inputs: FileMaker database loaded on the FileMaker Server, requirements for the host server resources (CPU, RAM, disk space), operating system (OS), and web platform (web server, script host, etc.). This service is also dependent on the FileMaker Server service.

Outputs: Web site that presents workflows for form signatures and an interface for data collected via the web for TA assignment scripts.

  • Default:
    • Web site where SAS users can access the data stored in the FileMaker database.
    • MFCF provides and supports the virtual machine with OS, web hosting software (Apache and PHP), and connection to the FileMaker database.
    • Fernando Hernandez provides support for the FileMaker database and web application. He will provide support for FileMaker database changes and updates.
  • Optional: No optional outputs are included.
  • Excluded Items: MFCF will not assist with web application or FileMaker database programming.

The standard service level terms apply.