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Michael Cao came to Waterloo's Kinesiology program thinking that he might become a doctor or physiotherapist. At that point, he had no idea that his bachelor and master's degrees would give him an edge as a UX professional, or lead him to work at TheScore.

Today, Michael is a UX researcher and leader, whose work plays a vital role in how I -- and thousands of other fans -- get the latest news about our favourite teams and players. Michael joins the podcast to talk about that role, how he got here, and how his Kin background makes him better at his job.

Show notes

(1:20) Why do a master's in kinesiology?

(6:45) "Go with the flow" mentality

(8:40) Scientific rigor vs. corporate decision-making

(10:45) What wasn't applicable to his UX career?

(12:10) What was applicable to his UX career?

(17:35) Michael explains his work on TheScore apps

(22:10) Michael shares some projects his team is working on

(24:35) Extracurricular activities prepared Michael to lead a team

(30:35) Soft skills should be used with intention

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