Migration plan and resources

Migration plan

Spring term

Academic Support units

Academic Support units will be contacted by their IST Account Rep to coordinate a migration plan between June and the end of August 2020.

Fall term

Faculty units

IST will begin migrating Faculty groups in mid-September. Faculty IT Directors will be contacted by IST to confirm a migration schedule.

Migration schedule

The employee email migration schedule will be updated as units confirm their migration plan. 

Preparing to migrate


Unit contacts will be asked to consider the following:

  • Can all accounts in the unit be migrated in one batch, or will two batches (and two migration dates) be required?
  • Do any accounts have a “delegate”? 
    • It is possible to set someone up as a delegate on another individual’s email/calendar, allowing that person to fully manage the person’s mail and calendar
    • If you have given someone “edit” permissions on your calendar, they are not considered a delegate
    • Delegates and these accounts must be migrated at the same time
  • Shared accounts will not be migrated at this time


Once the migration dates have been confirmed, individual clients can expect to receive an email notification from IST:

  • two weeks before the migration date (may be less notice depending on when the migration date was confirmed), and 
  • a reminder message two days before the migration takes place

The unit contacts and IST Account Rep will also receive an email reminder when the migration date(s) for their respective area(s) is approaching.

Clients will also receive a follow up email should an issue arise during the migration of their account.

After your account has been migrated

After your account has been migrated, there are three steps you may need to take to complete this work. Please follow the steps provided in the post-migration instructions for Office 365 email knowledge base article.

post migration steps

Reminders regarding email security and privacy

Additional Resources

Questions and support

Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.