Vision, mission, and goals


The Partnerships in Dementia Care (PiDC) Alliance is a research initiative focused on improving the dementia care experience for persons with dementia, family members, and staff in both long-term care (LTC) and the community.



Our process:

  • ensures the involvement of all key stakeholders in the culture change process
  • focuses on the experiences of all involved in the care context
  • incorporates the voices of all involved in dementia care in all decision-making in the culture change process
  • uses appreciative inquiry to uncover and work towards new possibilities in dementia and long-term care


More specifically, the goals of the PiDC Alliance are:

  • to develop a comprehensive understanding of the culture change process and the factors that support and limit relationship-based partnership approaches within different long-term care settings
  • to work with our partners to develop and share new tools and resources to help others facilitate their own participatory culture change processes
  • to build the capacity necessary to facilitate culture change in dementia and long-term care by strengthening the skills and knowledge-bases of all those working in dementia care
  • to enhance the care experience for persons living with dementia, their family, other partners in care, and the staff who support them.