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The Willowgrove Dream Weavers launch their culture change coalition with family, residents, staff, community partners and administration.

The Willowgrove Chartwell Long Term Care Residence in Ancaster, Ontario accommodates 169 residents, that are supported by 210 staff members.

Chartwell homes strive to make people's lives better by providing a happy, healthy and more fulfilling life experiences for seniors; peace of mind for residents' loved ones; and attracting and retaining employees who care about making a difference in residents' lives. Chartwell values respect, empathy, service excellence, performance, education, commitment, and trust.

The Willowgrove Dream Weavers are currently working on the Dream phase of their culture change journey and have created their aspiration statements. They will be sharing the statements and gathering feedback from the larger Willowgrove community.

The Willowgrove Dream Weavers meet monthly on a Tuesday. To learn more about the work at the The Willowgrove and to join the coalition please contact Dr. Sherry Dupuis

​Aspiration Statements

At Chartwell Willowgrove we are committed to inspiring positive and fulfilling lives. To do this we…

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Take pride in making a difference.
This means:

  • Accomplishing shared goals knowing we are part of something bigger
  • Seeing the difference we are making by taking initiative
  • Moving ideas into action through collaboration and innovation

Ensure everyone experiences joy and purpose everyday.
This means:

  • Nourishing mind, body, and spirit with pleasurable dining experiences and a wide range of meaningful activities
  • Seeking out new opportunities for all staff, residents, and families to improve the everyday life of the home and give back to the broader community

Individualize care and support to create peace of mind.
This means:

  • Recognising and celebrating each individual and their own personal preferences
  • Encouraging individuality by taking the time to get to know each other beyond care
  • Ensuring that preferences are addressed and optimal living is achieved

Believe in lifelong learning to enhance quality of life.
This means:

  • Working together to identify information and educational opportunities
  • Offering relevant workshops and seminars that meet everyone’s needs
  • Having access to new knowledge gives us the tools and confidence to provide excellent care and support living with enthusiasm

Create spaces where we always feel at home.
This means:

  • Supporting personal preferences to make our space our own
  • Creating a stimulating and inviting environment
  • Valuing and respecting personal privacy while feeling safe and comfortable

Have a voice and are heard.
This means:

  • Enhancing effective communication and sharing information using a variety of methods
  • Giving and receiving open and honest feedback
  • Actively listening to input and addressing concerns

Commit to promoting and nurturing strong relationships.
This means:

  • Recognizing and appreciating our residents, family members, staff, volunteers, and community partners, and valuing their contributions to our team
  • Empathising and respecting each other through a “with you” approach that embraces individual needs and abilities
  • Optimising opportunities for social engagement to continually inspire a sense of belonging

For more information on any of the PiDC Alliance initiatives, contact Sian Lockwood, Knowledge Translation Specialist.

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