Alliance Partners

The PiDC Alliance brings together researchers from five universities and 50 partners at the regional, provincial, and national levels representing all key stakeholder groups in dementia care. These include:

  • Persons with dementia,
  • Family partners in care,
  • Staff at all levels,
  • Dementia care specialists/educators,
  • Specialists in knowledge translation,
  • A range of community and long-term care social support service agencies,
  • Policy makers, and
  • A multidisciplinary team of co-researchers and students.

The PiDC Alliance is managed by a multidisciplinary Research Management Team that includes researchers from:

  1. The University of Waterloo;
  2. The University of Windsor;
  3. McMaster University;
  4. Queen’s University;
  5. Western University.

The PiDC Alliance has established four research teams, referred to as Culture Change Coalitions (CCCs). The Culture Change Coalitions are made up of persons with dementia, partners in care, staff at all levels (e.g., front line staff, middle-managers, and administrators), students, and researchers.

The following PiDC Alliance Partners provide on-going support and guidance and include representatives from local, provincial, and national community and long-term care support agencies and organizations, as well as representatives from a number of universities and research programs.