Addressing Stigma

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Stigma includes negative attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, ideas or discriminatory actions against people living with dementia or their care partners.

Forms of stigma may include:

  • Lack of awareness about dementia
  • Harmful and misleading assumptions
  • Negative language
  • Belittlement and jokes
  • No support after diagnosis
  • Stigma by association
  • Loss of self-worth

(Alzheimer Society of Canada, 2022)

The following information includes resources for addressing and fighting stigma against people affected by dementia.

The Canadian Charter of Rights for People with Dementia
The Charter defines seven explicit rights of people living with dementia.

Cracked: New Light on Dementia
An innovative research-based play and film that follows persons with dementia and their families on their unique journeys, from diagnosis to their new lives in long-term care.

Flipping Stigma Tool Kit
A toolkit created to recognize and respond to this stigma and discrimination. It has been designed by people with dementia to help others – including other people living with dementia, the people who support them, and those who do research – to address the challenges of stigma and discrimination.

Forward with Dementia
A website that challenges negative stereotypes about dementia. It provides guidance after a diagnosis of dementia, and enables people with dementia and their care partners to lead fulfilling lives with dementia.

How Canadians perceive dementia
The results of an awareness survey of Canadians' thoughts and insights on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
Stories from people affected by dementia.

I'm Still Here
A powerful research-based play that captures important aspects of, and deepens understanding about, the dementia journey from the perspective of persons living with dementia and their family partners in care.

Let's reimagine dementia campaign
The Let's Reimagine song and video introduces the power of creativity in transforming the culture of dementia and invites people across the globe to join us in making a difference.

Music is Life
A research-based documentary film, crafts a melodic journey that aims to inspire and create a shift in the current approaches to dementia care to one of relational caring, through musical engagement among a community living with dementia. 

Stigma against dementia
Includes information about stigma and dementia, the myths and realities of dementia, Canada's National Dementia Strategy and ten easy ways to fight stigma.

Stigma and Agism - BrainXChange
A list of resources and webinars about stigma, dementia and agism.

The stigma of dementia and its impact on caregivers
Dr. Rhonda Feldman, a Psychologist at The Reitman Centre at Sinai Health in Toronto writes about stigma, its impacts on caregivers and how we can make small changes to counter stigma to be helpful to people with dementia and their families.

World Alzheimer Report 2012: Overcoming the stigma of dementia
This report includes essays written by people living with dementia and care partners, a literature review, and a summary of projects and activities around the world that can help to reduce stigma.


Alzheimer Society of Canada. (2022). Stigma against dementia.