Launch of Dementia in New Light, A Digital Learning Experience

Sunday, July 24, 2022
by Sian Lockwood

We are pleased to announce that PiDC Alliance co-lead Dr. Sherry Dupuis and the research team that created the research-based production Cracked: new light on dementia has officially launched “Dementia in New Light: A Digital Learning Experience”. People living with dementia are among the most stigmatized groups in society. This creates social exclusion and inequality and threatens their health, well-being, and quality of life.

To challenge this stigma, the team created this resource to inspire alternative ways of thinking about dementia and encourage everyone to take part in making this a better world for people living with dementia. This digital learning experience uses scenes from Cracked: new light on dementia and goes well beyond the original production; it envelops learners with a cinematic display of audio and visuals while connecting emotionally to the ideas shared.

Learners will explore an immersive experience that will help them to see the complexity of identities and relationships, the harms imposed by stigma, the possibilities for fostering a society that values people living with dementia and supports their inclusion and flourishing, and so much more.

Please visit We invite you to explore and share widely!

Sincerely, The Dementia in New Light team (Pia Kontos, Sherry Dupuis, Christine Jonas-Simpson, Julia Gray, Alisa Grigorovich, Romeo Colobong).

Press release Dementia in new light digital learning experience (PDF)


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