What benefits could my organization expect to see from culture change?

Here are some outcomes achieved by organizations that have embarked on culture change:

Better clinical / medical outcomes

  • decreased use of antipsychotic and antidepressant medication
  • decreased pressure ulcer development
  • improved psychosocial outcomes

Enhanced care experiences for older adults, family members and staff

  • greater resident/client, family, and staff satisfaction
  • a more positive, creative approach to solving problems
  • better communication and teamwork
  • a better living and working environment
  • a shift of focus from care tasks to caring relationships

Better workplace outcomes

  • decreased staff absenteeism
  • improved staff retention

Changes in outcomes come as the result of changes in processes (such as consistently assigning the same staff to individuals). Shifts in your organization’s culture may occur gradually as the result of a series of small changes. Starting small is often an effective strategy.

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