April Student Profile: Caileigh MacIsaac

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Caileigh MacIsaacCaileigh MacIsaac is a third year Arts and Business student majoring in PACS. Currently working on her fourth Co-op position as a Research Market Analyst for a renewable energy company, Caileigh has had Co-op jobs that have given her experiences across the board. Most recently, Caileigh finished her position as a Market Research Analyst for Sobeys at the headquarters in Mississauga. With this position, Caileigh got the opportunity to conduct primary and secondary research on consumer trends, looking primarily at consumer preferences around animal welfare practices with meat products.

"With this position I found so much related back to PACS when looking at the background research. I was investigating a bit about the relationships between farmers and retailers. Asking questions about how it affects the livelihood of the farmer to be dependant on this relationship where you often see a power imbalance."

 From this research, Caileigh continued to study consumer interest in humane meat, and what those humane practices looked like for her work term report.

"At first it wasn’t even on my radar that animal welfare fit into PACS. But now looking at it, of course it fits into PACS, it boils down to compassion."

Caileigh MacIsaacAt a previous Co-op position, Caileigh worked for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Peterborough as a Marketing Officer. With this position, Caileigh worked towards marketing a program that was developed to market Ontario forestry products to Ontario consumers. Because of her interest in sustainable development, Caileigh found that this position gave her a lot of insight into sustainable forestry practices.

With graduation on the horizon, Caileigh is considering her next steps; a Masters program. Planning to either go in the direction of sustainability or more into the business side of Arts and Business, Caileigh believes that her Co-op experiences have helped to shape her interests for the future in the realm of PACS.

“My advice would be to not get discouraged if there is a lack of jobs that you think will relate exactly to what you are interested in. In the job title, none of my jobs really seem to relate to PACS, but you find a way to connect it, when you are in the job and you have a PACS background and that way of thinking you will find the connections. It is so important to see the value in other experiences that are not what you think they will be.”