February Faculty Profile : Lowell Ewert

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lowell Ewert, Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies program at the University Lowell Ewertof Waterloo is involved with a trip Pakistan to meet with representatives from a number of universities in the Islamabad area. Lowell and colleagues will be talking with University Professors about how to most effectively teach peace in an era of rising global conflict and terrorism.

The overall goal of this excursion is to explore how to promote understanding, cooperation, and partnership that may include: joint peace education resources development, co-facilitation of training programs, research activities, exchange programs through academic meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, e-learning, video-conferencing and participation in cultural activities.

We anticipate that our meetings will enhance personal and institutional peacebuilding capacity in the areas of peace education and training and create opportunities to benefit our respective institutions, students, educators, and the people of Pakistan and Canada.