Math for Good and Evil course hot topic on campus

Monday, December 9, 2019

The new course from Peace and Conflict Studies called Math for Good and Evil has been a hot topic around campus lately.

This is a ground-breaking new course where the peace implications of topics like democracy, social change, health, and environment are explored. As Judith Koeller, math lecturer and co-instructor explains, “In each topic there are many places that math and computer science play a role: election models that best reflect the popular vote, how killer drones interact with the laws of war, the ethics of predatory loans and misleading casino games, the racialization of search results” and the list goes on.

The campus newspaper Imprint recently shared a story about the new course. This week, Lowell Ewert, co-instructor and PACS professor, was interviewed on the Beyond the Bulletin Podcast! The interview begins at 12:50 running time where you can hear more from Lowell about this exciting new course.