Professor Reina Neufeldt Book Release - Ethics for Peace Builders

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Peace and Conflict Studies professor, Reina Neufeldt, releases her book Ethics for Peacebuilders: A Practical Guide today!

Reina Neufeldt holds a copy of her new book.This term, Professor Neufelft is teaching PACS 401: Senior Research Seminar, PACS 318: Peace Building, Human Rights, and Civil Society, and PACS 312: Quest for Peace in Literature and Film. She is also launching her new book Ethics for Peacebuilders.

This book provides guidance for structuring ethical reflection as well as analytical tools to get to the heart of issues quickly. It is designed to help practitioners engage ethically in applied peacebuilding and conflict transformation and to help students aspiring to be peacebuilders think about ethics.

Written by an experienced practitioner, the book will help identify and analyze ethical problems and resolve moral value conflicts to create healthy practices. It will provide valuable guidance for thinking ethically about peacebuilding work and handling the specific dilemmas related to it.

To celebrate a book launch is being held today, October 4th, from 4:30PM to 5:30PM in the Grebel Gallery.

Information on Book Launch