Student Profile: Victoria Lumax

Saturday, November 21, 2020

In both her second and third year of a double major in English and Peace and Conflict Studies, Victoria Lumax worked as a Communications Assistant Victoria Lumax Headshotin the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement.

During her time there, Victoria learned a lot about the peacebuilding community, and was grateful to be able to support the work being done there in any way possible. Much of her role was built around telling the story about what happens in the Centre for Peace Advancement as well as helping the Centre spread awareness for events and opportunities.

“There’s a vastness and diversity to the peacebuilding community that I got to see. That was really cool.”

Victoria cites her interdisciplinary learning in the department of Peace and Conflict Studies as being a large aid in the hiring process. She was able to use her different experiences and knowledge bases in her work, as well as to make herself a more desirable candidate. For anyone applying for jobs with a Peace and Conflict Studies degree, Victoria suggests that you “explain how your interdisciplinary learning gives you a range of viewpoints to use at your disposal.”

As well as her educational experience, Victoria worked as a highschool co-op student at a newspaper, and had written blog articles for clubs before. She was able to use these to show that she had research experience and was able to write using her own voice. 

Victoria’s further advice to students looking for jobs is to use your past experience to your advantage, and to walk into an interview with a question for the employer that’s been researched so they know that you’re engaged with the material that the job has to offer.