PACS Living Learning Community Peer Leader

Applications Due: April 3rd, 2018
Contract: Part time, Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

General Accountability

The PACS Living Learning Community (LLC) Peer Leader is responsible for providing leadership to their cluster (group of students) made up of 10-15 students enrolled in the PACS Living Learning Community. The Peer Leader is responsible for developing strong relationships with their appointed cluster ensuring that those students participate in and benefit fully from the initiatives of the Living Learning Community. This is an 8-month part-time contract position from September through April that requires non-traditional hours. The LLC Peer Leader reports to the PACS Undergraduate Officer.

Nature and Scope

Living-Learning Communities are small groups of students from the same program who live together in residence.  Conrad Grebel University College and the Faculty of Arts have partnered to offer a Living Learning Community (LLC) for first-year Arts students interested in pursuing Peace and Conflict Studies. In the Living-Learning Community, 10-15 students live in residence at Conrad Grebel University College and are placed in a small group called a cluster.  Similar clusters are managed by other disciplines at the University of Waterloo, although the program for PACS is somewhat different.

The goals for the PACS LLC are:

  1. That first-year Faculty of Arts students in the PACS LLC will be supported academically by:
    1. Enhancing in-class learning through academic events such as study-skill sessions.
    2. Participating in community activities that enhance general knowledge and experience in PACS related issues.
    3. Learning from peers who offer a diversity of perspectives that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the PACS Program and the intercultural nature of UW PACS students
  2. That ALL PACS students, particularly first-year students who may be interested in PACS, have an opportunity to:
    1. Build relationships and networks that will assist them academically, personally, and ultimately professionally.  (eg. PACS Society, Grebel Peace Society, social media networking)
    2. Make a difference through participation in activities that contribute positively to the Conrad Grebel residence community, the UW campus and broader community.
    3. Strengthen mentoring relationships between PACS students and PACS instructors

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement a plan to connect weekly with your cluster by such activities as:
    • Interacting in person with each of your students through room visits, meals together, formal meetings, Community Supper or other Grebel programs, etc.
    • Organizing the LLC to sit together for Community Supper at least 5 times per term, perhaps with a special guest like a faculty member, Sessional instructor, or another upper-year PACS student, etc.
    • 1-2 academically oriented group cluster events per semester (workshop, film discussion, lecture attendance/discussion etc.) It is encouraged that one session be focused on specific academic or career skills such as library/research skills, resume writing, etc.Many resources for this are available from the Conrad Grebel library or on the Waterloo campus. One event could include invitations to participate to other first year students in PACS 101, 201, 202, and 203 or could be held in collaboration with the Music Living Learning community.
    • Maintaining your availability to the cluster students during busy study periods of the term-including exam periods. This could include a study session prior to the mid-term or final exam in PACS 101, 201, 202, and 203.
    • Having a 1-1 meeting with each student in your cluster at least once during the term (preferably at the beginning) where you will engage in a process that helps each student understand their academic goals and think about how they might achieve them, and in the second term, to reflect upon their progress.
  • In collaboration with the PACS Communications Assistant and PACS Society, develop, promote and implement programs / events (2-3 events per term) to promote a sense of community among non-cluster students and all PACS students.These events could include:
    • Film discussion, PACS Faculty forum, career discussion, lunchtime seminar.
    • At least one and hopefully two of these events per term should include a PACS faculty member or instructor.
    • One event or activity of a service nature per term.
    • Event promotion could occur through class announcements, emails to course instructors, Facebook events posting, and LEARN.
  • Keeping the PACS Undergraduate Officer up-to-date with program developments.
  • Carry out a program evaluation, either on an ongoing basis, or once per term.This is determined in consultation with the PACS Undergraduate Officer.
  • Be available and participate on campus visit days to promote the Living Learning Community and PACS
  • Meet last year’s Peer Leader and PACS Undergraduate Officer for training at mutually convenient time
  • Be available during orientation week to attend appropriate aspects of the Living Learning campus training, develop the program for the year in consultation with the PACS Undergraduate Officer and run an event for incoming first year students
  • Prepare a year-end report listing activities of the LLC and reflecting on the opportunities and challenges of the year’s program
  • Attend appropriate staff meetings throughout the year.


  • An Upper year (3rd or 4th year as of Fall 2018) PACS Honours or Joint Honours student with:
  • excellent communication skills
  • proven leadership ability
  • strong academic standing
  • ability to work independently and as a member of a team
  • good judgement
  • sincere desire to help others
  • familiarity with PACS, Grebel, and Waterloo campus resources including service and academic opportunities
  • Experience in Grebel residence program (on or off-campus) preferred


Compensation includes:

  • A set rate of $500 per term.
  • Up to $200 for food costs based on the following:
    • Cost of all community suppers used for Living Learning activities paid for or refunded.
    • Assistance for other meals if used to meet with Living Learning community students.

Time Requirements

On average, 6-8 hours per week are required to fulfil Peer Leader responsibilities, depending on the activities implemented and planned.

To Apply

To apply for the above position, please submit a cover letter explaining how you would qualify for the job and attach an up-to-date resume.  Please also include three references that can be contacted as required.

Submit your resume to

Rachel Reist
519-885-0220 ext. 24269      
Conrad Grebel University College
Room 2103B

PACS Peer Leader Job Posting 2018-2019 (PDF)

Deadline for Applications: Tuesday, April 3, 2018