Chris Cowie

Chris Cowie



  • BA, Emmanuel Bible College, 1971
  • BA, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1990
  • MA, University of Guelph, 1996

Scholarly and Professional Activities:

  • Director of Community Justice Initiatives
  • Director of Serving in Mission Canada
  • Member of the Crime Prevention Council of Waterloo

Research Areas

Restorative justice

Courses Taught

PACS 329: Restorative Justice


Chris may be seen as a “professional problem solver”, with incredible skills and experience in providing the leadership and methods necessary to solve deeply-rooted conflict. An avid supporter of restorative justice and penal reform/abolition, Community Justice Initiatives was the ideal opportunity. Having started in Family Group Counseling as early as 1989, it offered the ideal opportunity to provide restorative solutions to legal conflicts outside of the criminal justice system. In addition to the alternative and forward-thinking programs offered by the organization, it offers the autonomy and latitude to build and grow as a program. As an adjunct professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Chris contributes all of his unique lifelong experiences to the table.

Chris, director of Community Justice Initiatives and member of the Crime Prevention Council of Waterloo, has been teaching Restorative Justice in the PACS program for several years. While holding an MA in Leadership, his gifts lay in his experience. Starting in youth justice in 1987, Chris has been the director of various different organizations and programs dedicated to restorative justice, penal reform, and leadership. As director of Serving in Mission Canada, Chris worked in various forms of development in several countries across West Africa and South America.